Quality Control and Assurance

With a portfolio of over 150 successfully delivered projects ACA Marine has become one of the most respected and experienced businesses in the industry.
Implementing a quality control and assurance system that incorporates good administrative records as well as experience and expertise ensures all our work is detailed and can be easily tracked and evaluated.

We record air temperature, surface temperature, humidity quality control ACAMARINEand dew point levels for each application on all projects. We strictly adhere to the paint manufacturer’s technical specifications, and record all product batch numbers for traceability. It is this commitment to develop excellent method and reporting systems that allows us to offer a fully insured third party guarantee on the work we do.

A superyacht can be beautifully designed and boast the most technically advanced engineering but the most visual element will always be the paintwork and the quality of the fairing. The demand for high quality unique paint systems has never been higher and with clients ordering everything from pearlescent to metallic silver finishes; the standards are continually being raised. To reach these standards we believe in keeping alive some of the more traditional techniques, such as long boarding sanding which many applicators neglect in favour of machines.

One of the most important characteristics that we try to offer our clients is flexibility and when it comes to new builds, an ability to react quickly to schedule changes is one of our most valued strengths.

In today’s superyacht world businesses must be ready to react Kaiser ACAMARINEto change and make the most of any given situation. Whether it’s increasing the number of people on a job to get a project finished on time or finding technical solutions to reply to designers’ ever increasing creativity we understand that our business must remain adaptable and flexible.
ACA Marine is an approved applicator of all the major superyacht paint suppliers and uses only recognized systems from surface preparation to topcoat. We use only traditional application and sanding methods, combined with a modern and thorough quality control system.

All our Quality control systems meet insured third party guarantee standards.